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God help us, Devolver Digital has confirmed that they’ll be attending E3 2020

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E3, the showcase of gaming giants! The big daddy of video game announcements, infamous for transforming the vast showfloor of the Los Angeles Convention Center into an ostentatious display of digital entertainment that would make a peacock go ‘’’bruh’ in response. Or at least it used to be, but the iconic show that many a fan dreamed of visiting is now nothing more than a withered out husk of its former self.

This year’s E3 has begun to resemble DashCon thanks to a number of big names pulling out from the Entertainment Software of America’s tentpole event on the gaming calendar, and while you can still expect it to go ahead, its reduced size and emphasis on other aspects of gaming is now positioning it to be more in line with other fan conventions such as PAX. EA left ages ago, Sony couldn’t be bothered this year, Geoff’s not going (Both of them) and Microsoft wised up not too long ago when they realised that they owned property right next door to the LACC and didn’t need to shell out hefty rental costs for a spot opposite their competition.

One infamous publisher who will be attending E3 2020? None other than industry darling Devolver Digital, the masters of taking the piss out of the more serious side of gaming with their annual Not A Press Conference livestreams.

Last year’s Devolver Digital press conference starring  Nina Struthers took place directly from inside of her fractured mind as video game PR got to work on creating the ultimate video game shilling machine after she was mercilessy gunned down at the end of the Devolver Digital 2018 E3 press conference. It was a weird time, but back then there were announcements for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Carrion, The Messenger DLC and Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead.

What will this year have in store? If the previous years are any indication, then it’ll be blood, violence and some of the best games ever which show the AAA gaming industry a thing or two about making good content. Only Devolver Digital can save us now, only Nina Struthers can lead us out of the current E3 dark age. Are you ready for her return in June? No, nothing can prepare you. Nothing.

Last Updated: February 20, 2020

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