God of War III only possible on the PS3

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“Only possible on the PS3” is a statement that should be banned from further use by all employees of Sony, forever.

But yet again it has been dragged out of the cliche bin and swung around as if it’s a valid comment. This time by the head of Sony Australia who remembers the developers telling him

“there is no way God of War III could have been done on any other system because of the processing power required”

These comments do nothing to help the PS3 and I cannot see why they insist on sticking to this line, time and time again developers have come out and stated that no one has even gotten close to maxing out each system and as such any game that we have today can be developed on the other platform.

What makes this even worse is that it’s only Sony employees and fanboys who still believe that the PS3 is pushing out better graphics than the Xbox 360 even though the evidence against that is empirical.

It is still possible that the PS3 has more power than the Xbox 360 and it is still possible I will be a billionaire before I am 40. However until either of those are proven and displayed they remain pipe dreams.

God of War 3 is only possible on the PS3 because it’s exclusive to that platform, that’s it.

Source: ITWire

Last Updated: June 23, 2009

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