Google has already made Twitch worse

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The number one fear Twitch users had when YouTube bought the streaming website was censorship. YouTube has become notorious for strict, dictator-like censorship of videos with unauthorized content. Automatic systems are used to monitor this on YouTube, and they’ve now been implemented in Twitch as well.

And just like the system on YouTube, it borders on unfair. Sure, people shouldn’t be allowed to use music that doesn’t technically belong to them. But searching through Twitch streams using 30 minute blocks isn’t exactly fine searching.

The automatic policing was introduced yesterday. The program searches 30 minute segments of each video, poking for any copyrighted audio. If it finds any, even just a second, that entire 30 minute block is muted. There’s still video, but all other audio is muted, which almost renders that segment useless.

It becomes even more of an issue when the system picks up background music in games being streamed as unauthorized audio. So if people can’t even stream gameplay, what’s Twitch good for anymore?

On the upside, this doesn’t apply to any live streams that are hosted on Twitch. The system hasn’t yet been implemented to scan live streaming, although all On-Demand content will be subjected to the searches.

Last Updated: August 7, 2014

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