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Google predicts the end is nigh for PlayStation

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If you remember way back before the PlayStation 3 was released the most popular articles to post and read were all the ones about how the PS3 was going to fail miserably and we’d never get to see a PS4.

Well with the PlayStation 4 just around the corner it seems that trend has returned but maybe this time the doom squad has a bit more backing them with Sony in financial peril and the PS3 coming last in this generation.

The latest negative article comes from ludos-mundi, who I’ve never heard off but who have used an interesting technique to figure out who is going to win the next round of consoles.

According to some research they have done into Google Trends the world only really cares about one console and it isn’t the PlayStation 4.

No when they compare searches for the Next Xbox (Xbox 720) in Google trends against the PS4 (PlayStation 4) the numbers are quite clear. In America the Xbox is miles ahead in searches and even when the rest of the world is added the Xbox still has a massive lead over the opposition.


What I find more interesting however is that the PS4 used to have a significant lead over its rival but ever since E3 2011 the Xbox has been catching up and is now significantly further ahead.

What do you think, is using Google trends really an adequate way to measure who is going to win the next generation?

Last Updated: December 14, 2012

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