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Gran Turismo 6 teaser video

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So far my predictions around GT6 have all been off the mark and maybe I’m getting too excited for the upcoming racing domination but in my defence Sony keep teasing and it’s driving me insane.

However this must easily be the most obvious tease of the lot, Sony have just released the following video that teases a 15th of May announcement.. hey that’s today.

The video starts off with an absolutely incredible looking racing game and then cuts to a screen counting up from GT1 to GT5 and ending with GT_…. I’m sure we can all guess what should be in place of the _.

What’s more surprising is that today is the 15th Anniversary of the Gran Turismo series, on one hand that is a very long time for a video game series and yet it feels like the game has been around much longer than that.

Gran Turismo is a videogame legend and while it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and GT5 was a bit of a fiasco before it was released, it is still the title that moves consoles better than any other.

When you think of mainstream games there are not many that match the pulling power of Gran Turismo.

Last Updated: May 15, 2013

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