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Grounded’s latest update adds a koi pond and underwater spiders

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When playing Grounded, Obsdian’s microscopic survival game set in a backyard, you know what I’m always wanting more of? Hey, how did you guess Subnautica? Wow, you’re really good at this. Do you do parties?

Grounded is an exceptional survival game, one that’s still in the process of being built so why not crib a few notes from the best survival game Subnautica? The latest update for Grounded brings with it a new biome: The Koi Pond. What has always been a place for tranquillity and pensiveness has been warped into a terrifying world of underwater nightmares. Weird how being smaller than an ant does that to your world view.

The Koi Pond update includes the new biome, which can be explored with the help of a new bubble helmet and diving fins, as well as a range of new NPCs to encounter. Tadpoles will flit about the place (they make for a decent snack, according to the patch notes) trying to avoid the new diving bell spiders. Hey, maybe ya’ll shouldn’t have used the pond to escape the land spiders? Look what you’ve done, you just went and made them water spiders. Nice going, really cocked that one up. Water Boatmen just idly swim by having a decent time in the sun and the one new creature you definitely don’t want to see is the koi swimming about the place. You’ll have to face it down at some point to see what secrets await at the bottom of the pond though…


In a blog post, Obsidian outlined their plans for future Grounded updates, specifying that the team will soon “be focusing on larger content releases that are more spread out”. The Koi Pond is still being grown as the blog post elaborates that the team, “is already hard at work adding more into the pond, including a large revamp of the lab in the depths which will add more content and variety of gameplay. Along with that we are adding more elements to all areas: new points of interest, new materials to find, more explorable content including underwater caves, tweaks to creature behavior, and more. Some of these improvements will be dropping in the next update in December.”


After the Pond, the next areas to recieve updates will reportedly be the Sandbox and the Haze alongside more elaborate updates to the game’s story although that’s something for early next year, apparently. Guess it’s time to download the update and swim away from spiders all over again.

Last Updated: November 11, 2020

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