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GT5 delayed again for technical reasons.. but only in Russia

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It’s not time to panic yet but I would advise not betting your entire life on GT5 being released on time, mind you I would say that about any game as that would be a stupid thing to do.

However especially for GT5 as news is coming out this morning that the game has been delayed in Russia for unspecified technical reasons.

Using my amazing powers of wild guessing I am going to say that it is delayed due to a hitch in translating any text/voice to Russian and not for any gameplay reason.

Nothing has been confirmed yet but the following awfully translated message has been sent to Russian retailers who have now changed the release dates on their website.

Here is the message in all it’s Google translated goodness

“For technical reasons, the world premiere of Gran Turismo 5, the most anticipated release on the PlayStation 3 from Polyphony Digital, is transferred to several weeks. Running or remain in November (the last number), or appear on store shelves in early December 2010. Transferring As for all sku including bundles GT5 PlayStation 3. We understand that the way the game Gran Turismo 5 – one of the most important events in the gaming industry in 2010, so we work hard as soon as possible to provide accurate information regarding the start of sales. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

It hurts my brain reading that…

Anyway, if we hear any news of a local/western delay we will be sure to post it.

Source: GTPlanet

Last Updated: October 13, 2010

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