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GT5 players have driven to the sun and back 200 times

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Gran Turismo 5 was a big deal when it was released and while the argument over which racing game is better was never really settled it is clear that both sides are still gaming obsessively with Forza constantly being mentioned on twitter and other social networks and now Polyphony Digital has released some incredible in game stats from Gran Turismo 5.

GT5 has been out for 578 days, or there about and in this time the number of miles clocked up by online racers in the game have topped 36 400 000 000 miles.

That’s a long long way and thanks to GTPlanet we can now explain it in terms that are easier to understand.

Basically GT racers have driven to the sun and back… 200 times. Or the round trip from Neptune to the sun 13 times. They’ve driven further than Voyager 1 has managed in its 35 year lifespan but yet even at this rate it will take another 1367 years to reach the next star.

So much for that visiting other galaxies in our life span hey.

While the cars in GT5 are realistic and travel at the correct speeds compared to their real life counterparts if you add all the drivers together they cover 63 million miles a day at an average speed of 730 miles per second.

That gets us from South Africa to London in around 5 seconds. Now that’s an easy commute.

Congratulations to Polyphony Digital and Gran Turismo 5 for the continuing achievement; it really does show how dedicated your fans are.

Last Updated: June 25, 2012

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