GT5’s datacenter was only primed for 500 000 connections… what were they thinking

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Yesterday I voiced my disgust over the fact that yet another AAA title was struggling to cope with the day one load on their online servers and lamented the fact that they are screwing up something that really isn’t that complicated.

Kazunori Yamauchi has stated in an interview with Edge magazine that the online service is currently in a critical state due to the load they are receiving, apparently the datacenter was prepared for 500 000 connections and after selling millions of copies of GT5 it was being overloaded.

Now think about this, you are the capacity planner for GT5 and you know that say 5 million discs have been pressed which means the absolute maximum amount of connections will be 5 million. So what on earth makes you prep a center for only 500 000?

Granted after the initial peak days the simultaneous connection count will drop and you won’t want to be wasting money on catering for a large amount after that. But then you just start downscaling.

This is worse than what happened with Battlefield 1943 as EA didn’t know how many of us were going to be downloading the game and had to simply guess (they got it horribly wrong).

How are DP going to fix this current problem? Well they are releasing a patch this weekend to decouple offline play from the servers… yeah that’s thinking outside the box.

Source: Next-Gen

Last Updated: November 26, 2010

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