GTA Creator : “GTA is the Same as Pacman”

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i have never been so jealous of our mascot. David Jones, Head of Realtime Worlds and creator of Lemmings and GTA delivered a keynote at Brighton’s Develop conference, where he highlighted the inspiration classic games can have. One of the parallels he drew was between his own game, GTA and what may possibly be the most iconic game in videogame history : Pac-man.

Before you start calling him – and me – all sorts of disparaging names, hear the guy out – "People said to me that GTA was just like Pac Man – he eats the dots, while you drive over the dots in GTA. The police chase you like the ghosts in Pac Man."

By Jove! He may be right! In fact, the first time I beat a hooker with a baseball bat I couldn’t help but think “Man, this is SUCH a rip off of Pac-man”

Source : Nowgamer

Last Updated: July 16, 2009

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