GTA IV as a First Person Shooter

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Grand Theft Auto 4 was, putting it mildly,  not my favourite game. While the level of detail in the city was mind-blowing, the change in tone and needless social interactions made the game nigh unplayable for me.

First-person shooters, likewise, are not amongst my favourite games, probably a result of being an active gamer during the FPS blow-out in the mid 90’s. Somehow though, the combination of both seems better – and something I might be inclined to play – even if just for the digital tourism -  if my PC wouldn’t melt and buckle under the strain of running this GTA IV FPS Mod.

After the jump you’ll find a video of GTA IV in the first-person perspective – and the level of detail in the city, always the game’s most incredible feature, is made all the more striking. Instructions for how to install the mod yourself are available on the video’s Youtube page.

Last Updated: September 1, 2010

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