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GTA IV looking infinitely better and clearer on Xbox360

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Ok calm down, I was only joking…

As you will notice, the image on the left is actually a photograph and the one on the right is a photo of somebody’s television running GTA IV.

I would like to thank Videogaming247 for pointing out these images that someone put up on Flickr. We have already put an article up of comparison shots of GTA’s Liberty City and the real New York City, but this guy has done a really great job and put up some great images of many different landmarks.

I must say that most of the shots are very impressive and it just shows what lengths Rockstar went to when creating the living, breathing recreation known as Liberty City.

Head to the link given below to check out his Flickr profile and then fire up the slideshow. Alternatively you can go check out the original article from Videogaming247.

source: Videogaming247

The slideshow can be found here.

P.S: If you still haven’t realised, the image on the left is a photograph and not an Xbox 360 screenshot. Please don’t come into my home in the middle of the night to try and hurt me.

Last Updated: May 14, 2008

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