GTA: Online down for maintenance

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According to a post on the Rockstar forums, GTA: Online went down at 9pm Eastern Standard Time for some much needed maintenance. It will be down for 24 hours until the end of the 16th of January. We don’t know whether or not there will be loss of saved data, although I’m sure if that was the case, Rockstar would notify us. It’s not clear what exactly the 24 hour downtime will fix either, but we’d imagine it would have something to do with hackers and cheaters ruining games for others and gaining large amounts of money via glitches, thereby ruining the economy.

I’ve played through GTA Online quite a bit, and while I have seen my fair share of griefers and people with ridiculously high levels, I’ve never had too much trouble with cheaters. If it wasn’t for the $500,000 stimulus package, however, I wouldn’t be able to afford a damn thing. I do see a future problem with the stock markets getting implemented into GTA: Online though. Can you even imagine how abused that will be? We aren’t even completely sure of how it will work. Hopefully this downtime fixes and preps for these problems, otherwise, GTA’s financial system will be even more borked.

Downtime for online portions of games is totally expected, especially one of this scale and scope. We can only hope that this will make the experience better for people, especially in the wake of the newly added content creator, which has already garnered over a million custom levels.

Last Updated: January 16, 2014


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