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GTA V Avatars and Gamerpics

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Love GTA?  Want to show your excitement about GTA V with everyone else?  Well, now you can get PSN or Xbox LIVE Avatars that say it loud and proud.

Rockstar has launched its GTA V set of avatars and gamerpics; you can choose from Michael, Trevor, Franklin, Chop (the Rottweiler), a lovely blonde or one of two variations of the Grand Theft Auto V logo.  Also, Xbox Live is offering some GTA V themed outfits and items for your Xbox 360 avatar.  These are:
  • Bugstar Outfit (Men | Women)
  • Chop Pet
  • FIB Outfit (Men | Women)
  • Grand Theft Auto V T-Shirt (Men | Women)
  • Abseiling Outfit (Men | Women)
  • Parachute Prop
  • Scuba Outfit (Men | Women)
What I really don’t understand though is that things like this used to be seen as marketing for the titles, I mean getting free t-shirts at events is one of those things that you pretty much just expect to happen. So how is it that Rockstar believe that they can actually charge for these things?
It’s not cheap either, the gamerpics are 80 MS Points (R5) but then if you want the full outfits you are going to have to shell out 320 MS Points and to add the dog to your picture it’s going to cost you another 240 points. So my dream of being FIB dude with a dog is going to set me back 560 points, which is around R80. It just feels strange paying to market their game to my friends. 
Have you bought your ticket for the hype train?  I keep going in waves – the game looks s good, but I’m absolutely determined not to get swept up in popular sentiment.  Pretty hard to do when popular sentiment may be right!

Last Updated: August 8, 2013

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