GTA V domain lawsuit

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It seems that many companies are a step behind when it comes to domain registrations.  Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all failed to get domains registered in advance, leading to lawsuits.  Now, Take Two is in the same boat, filing suit to claim as their own.

At the moment, will redirect you to the official Rockstar page.  However, the actual domain is owned by a Spanish resident.  A case has been lodged with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO): D2013-1382.  

It looks like they might have learned their lesson; while is being used by someone else, GTAVII and both redirect to the Rockstar page. is a reserved domain, while is a tax and financial planners website.  So, I suppose we won’t have repeats of this problem for several years to come.  I just wonder why companies didn’t plan ahead and register all these numbers when franchises became successful.  It doesn’t cost much and would save on all the legal fees and aggravation.

Last Updated: August 7, 2013

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