GTA V gameplay trailer footage captured on PlayStation 3

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Rockstar has confirmed that the official Grand Theft Auto gameplay trailer’s footage was captured on a PlayStation 3. If you were too exhilarated by the trailer itself to notice, the video was captured entirely from in-game footage.

Isn’t that something? A game Microsoft didn’t get their hands on for an Xbox exclusivity deal. Pinned in the comments section, an official Rockstar reply reads:

“Just to clarify for those asking, this particular video was captured with footage from the PS3 version of the game.”

It would make sense of Rockstar to use footage that best represents the in-game footage, so I’m just going to go ahead and say it, the game will probably look better on PlayStation 3.

GTA V shooting

Rockstar also gave Game Informer the scoop on customization and gun combat. Gamers will have access to a wide range of weapon modification like extended clips, grips, colour tints, scopes, suppressors and flashlights, all aimed at giving players a greater number of tactical options, whether it’s run and gun or stealth. Weapons aren’t the only customizable features in the game. According to producer and lead mission designer Imran Sarwar, vehicle customization has been taken a lot further than that of San Andreas.

we wanted to expand it and integrate it more deeply into the game so that it would seamlessly slot in with everything else that the player can do in the world. Some missions ask you to customize vehicles in certain ways, and we have taken vehicle customization in general a lot further than we did in San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto V will display greatly improved gun combat too. No doubt because of the game’s multiplayer mode, which automatically improves the single player campaign.

“The controls have been expanded, so now in addition to traditional left trigger “down the sights” aiming, you can also both run and shoot comfortably while only using the right trigger. This retains the benefits of seeing your character from the third-person view while keeping the feel much closer to the range of motion and shooting precision you have in a first-person shooter. It also opens up opportunities for players to develop their skills in both single-player and multiplayer, as the more accurate you are while moving quickly the greater your advantage.” Associate technical director and combat designer, Phil Hooker explained.

Darryn trolled the lot of you by replacing the ION with the official gameplay trailer. What were you most excited about after watching it?

Last Updated: July 10, 2013

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