GTA V on PlayStation 4 “looks insane”

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We’re still waiting on Rockstar to give the world a definite release date for its remastered, next-genified version of GTA V. That may be coming soon, because apparently Take 2 has been showing the thing off to retailers and one of them – a Gamestop Manager – spilled a bunch of details to neoGAF.

neoGAF user “The Shogun” saw it at the GameStop managers conference, and reckons it’s just about the best remaster he (or she!) has seen – and that it’s not just an upressed port. The whole thing’s been given a solid upgrade.

“Guys the changes are astounding. Really incredible stuff. Rockstar said their goal was to push PS4 / X1 like how they pushes PS3 and 360. The environment changes they’ve done are incredible.”

Some of the differences include animals now having digital fur, instead of just textures. There are also apparently roughly twice as many cars on the road, and character models and street details have been significantly increased. Here’s what he/she had to say:

    • I saw this at the GameStop managers conference in Anehiem. Rockstar gave a 45 minute closed doors presentation.
    • They showed us multiple locals (sic) . The city, underwater areas, country side etc.
    • Foliage has been completely reworked. Tree barks been redone, individual grass blades, wild flowers etc. This applies to underwater areas as well. Completely reworked coral reefs and underwater plants.
    • Draw distance now is INSANE. One example they showed us was the main city at night. They showed it on PS3 first amd showed us how all lighting at a distance was pre baked. In the remaster its all pre loaded in real time and is dynamic. You can see lights and traffic flow from massive distances.
    • Water rendering system has been completely redone. Rivers / Ocean / rain are gorgeous
    • No release date given. They simply said soon.
    • Animal texture work has been 100 % re done.
    • Anti Aliasing looked great with little to no jaggies. Looked 1080p to me. It was demoed on PS4.
    • Promised “new” content. One example was new songs / soundtrack / radio stations.
    • Best remaster Ive seen by far. I literally gasped at the differences.
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The thing also apparently runs at a smooth 30fps. For those of you who’ve been holding out on the game – and those who play on PC – it seem as though the wait has been well worth it. I promised I wouldn’t double dip on this one, but I may have to…just to see the technical differences, and to see what sort of magic Rockstar can pull of with the new consoles. The sorcery that they wrought on the old systems was impressive to say the very least .

Last Updated: September 12, 2014

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    • Alien Emperor Trevor

  • OVGrounded new game+++

    It still doesn’t make Trevor any better.

    • Admiral Chief Assassin

      SPOILER alert?

      • OVGrounded new game+++

        fixed, I forgot about the “MASTER RACE” 😛

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        • Hammersteyn

          When do they get it again? 2016?

          • OVGrounded new game+++

            When they catch up to the expensive next gen consoles that are still suffering at 30fps. 😛

          • Hammersteyn

            Then they also wait for the Steam sale so it’s actually 2017 😛

          • OVGrounded new game+++

            Half Life 3 and Final Fantasy XIII versus will still be at the brain storming stage by then.

          • lol

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            Just FYI for our readers out there, Deon is also part of the “they” he is referring to…


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            *Whistles innocently

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            The only way we could catch up is if I pick up some 2 year old second hand pc parts 😛

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            From WALL-E

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            Which reminds me, I need to finish watching that movie, watched 2/3 of it the other day, I want to see how it ends!

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        How can it still be a spoiler when they only talk about one game for months on end?

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          Hehe, only one game, hehehe, I see what you did there 😛

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    Double dipping… lol

  • Duffman! Formerly_known as_the

    Really can’t wait for the PC version. Although I am a little bit worried about the recommended specs… With some of the new games coming out, my i5-2400 and 7950 barely makes recommended.

    • Mossel

      Worrying indeed man. Witcher 3 will probably make my PC lag so hard.

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        That’s why I was happy when they delayed it until Feb, right after I do my upgrade hehe.

  • Viking Of Science

    With all the spelling errors from this guy… I have to believe he’s an american retail manager….

  • Screw this, I`ve become and less and less interested in games like these and more interested in games with brilliant, intelligent story lines such as the Metro and Bioshock series. The more I play a game like Metro 2033, the more inferior games like the GTA series become for me.

  • MakeItLegal

    well , like GTA 4 and 5 this will be a day 1 purchase , even tho i will get it on pc , this is one of the only franchise i buy day 1 no regrets

    • Marc O Polo

      must agree, virtually only games i have pre-ordered have been RockStar games

  • MakeItLegal

    27th jan 2015 !!!boom

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    Some game.

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  • WolfyZA

    I wonder if BT will have a trade in special for GTA V? Would def make me jump ship.

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