GTA V to top $1 billion in monthly sales, say analysts

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GTA V is out today, and I’m sure many of you have *cough* taken time *cough* off work or are *cough* somehow really *cough* ill today. The game is, quite obviously, going to sell like digital hotcakes – but according to Colin Sebastian, analyst with Robert W. Baird, it’s going to hit $1 billion in no time.

“Given the significantly higher installed base of relevant console platforms at launch, greater sales concentration among the top video game franchises, and unprecedented pent up demand, we expect GTA 5 to outpace GTA 4 sales, and generate roughly $1 billion in retail sales during the first month,” he said in an investor call (via Gamespot).

Grand Theft Auto is a mammoth of a franchise, quite clearly – and a billion is not an unreachable target given the install bases for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

It’s worth noting, however,  that the most recent Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, managed to hit half a billion on launch day and a billion in sales within just two weeks, while the one before that, Modern Warfare 3, did the same in 16 days. And it happens every year.

As big a franchise as GTA is, it seems COD is just bigger.

Last Updated: September 17, 2013

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