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Guilds will arrive after launch in Anthem, but Alliances will still offer plenty of rewards

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Love it or hate it, but Anthems bullet sponges are best tackled when with a gang of Freelancers as opposed to lone wolfing it. There’s nothing to stop you from turning off matchmaking and doing a solo hotdog run, but here’s the kicker: Stick to a squad and you won’t just have the satisfaction of digital socialising, you’ll also find some better incentives along the way.

One such added bonus? Alliance XP, Anthem’s reward system that tallies up the experience earned in a mission and gets fed into a weekly pool. Once the week is over, players will earn in-game coin currency based on just how much experience was contributed, allowing them to purchase fancy new cosmetics for their Javelin mech-suits.

It’s a nice idea to help sell the idea of personalising one’s own Anthem experience, and if it sounds similar to other games whose social interactions results in the formation of Clans and Guilds, then it should. Only catch is, is that Anthem won’t be offering any clan options on launch. “While we believe the Alliance system is a great way to encourage social interaction with Anthem,” lead producer Ben Irving  said in a reddit post, “we also understand guilds play a critical role in helping players form organized groups with people of similar interests and play styles.

Our goal is to release guilds as soon after launch as we can.

Sounds feasible. Join an Alliance that benefits you the single player, or join a clan in the future that includes plenty of your friends. I can just imagine a few of these right now, groups which are formed according to varying philosophies and motives. I’m thinking a Ranger Danger team made up of only the most versatile Javelin suits, a Heavy Machinery Javelin crew that sees the screen littered with trigger-happy Colossus suits or a “For f***-sakes EA why did you launch Apex Legends a week before we hit the wild” team of surly Freelancers.

Should be fun!

Last Updated: February 5, 2019

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