Guitar Hero 5 to Launch With New Drum Kit?

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Blurry images have been floating around the internet purporting to be leaked pictures of Guitar Hero 5’s new drum peripheral. Yes, another one. The new set appears to be an odd amalgamation of the current World tour set and the Rock Band drums. Controls have been moved to the front of the kit, the odd cymbal pads have been replaced with full, round cymbals – and most importantly the bass pedal appears to be tethered to a bar at the base, hopefully removing the pedal creep that the current GH drums succumb to.

While I rather enjoy music rhythm games, the deluge of fake plastic instruments since the genre’s proliferation is rapidly reaching saturation; I don’t think I have any space left in my house for more extraneous periphery. Despite the World Tour drum kit’s flaws it’s still more than sufficient – which has me hoping that these rumours of a redesign are just that – rumours.

Source : Engadget

Last Updated: July 7, 2009

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