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Guitar Hero Outsells Rock Band by 6:1

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It’s no secret that Rock Band and Guitar Hero, which are two powerful music franchises, are still in a war for market supremacy and will do whatever they can to prove that their product is better than the oppositions’.

That is why Activision has triumphantly announced that Guitar Hero is outselling Rock Band by 6 to 1.

The reason apparently being that they have access to 30% of the world’s music through Universal and that they have 2000 people working on Guitar Hero titles. That compared to the couple hundred people that work on Rock Band.

Both are very valid reasons, but what about the fact that Australia and South Africa have yet to get Rock Band 1 on their shores even though Rock Band 2 has already been released. It wouldn’t change the figures drastically but it would give a better representation of exactly how well Guitar Hero franchise compares to Rock Band.

It is still a very impressive statistic to have on your side and I don’t blame them for showing off.

source: Gamerchip

Last Updated: September 18, 2008

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