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Guitar Hero World Tour : Standalone Drums Dated

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Drumming, I’ve been told, requires limb independence. I do not possess limb independence. This is why I look like an epileptic ADHD kid holding sparklers when I get behind a drum kit, real or otherwise.

If rhythm is in your blood but you’ve been holding out buying the full Guitar Hero World Tour kit then here’s some good news – Neversoft have officially dated the standalone drum kit.

The digital pots and pans – exactly the same as the ones in the full band kit – go on sale on February 15th in the States. Typically, they’re expected to be available in Europe and Australia “at a later date.” Thankfully local distributors Megarom are a little more concrete, telling us that they expect stock towards the end of March. I’ll see you then – I’ll be the one flailing about wildly, hitting everything except the pads that need to be hit.

Source : Eurogamer

Last Updated: February 3, 2009

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