Hackers cause terror alert

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Classic facepalm

It’s bad enough when hackers bring down our gaming servers. I really don’t understand the logic behind DDoS attacks on the PSN or Xbox Live, but it happened over the weekend. One group claimed responsibility, and then went even further.

A hacker group claimed responsibility for the PSN DDoS attack, something that already would have garnered a bunch of hatred from gamers worldwide. However, that wasn’t enough to prove that they were “serious” – they then proceeded to send the following threat:

The flight was then shown as redirected, something confirmed by its target, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley.

To be clear, I don’t really want to give these guys too much attention. They sent a bomb threat that scared a whole lot of people, over what? The fact that the PSN doesn’t have DDoS protection?

To make it even worse, it appears that this group is a bunch of fakers. Apparently, they weren’t the ones who actually hacked the PSN; they just claimed responsibility and followed it up with a bomb threat. The actual hackers are rather offended by this, and have in turn hacked this group – sending their details to the FBI and Anonymous.

So, what did all these people get for their efforts? A bunch of irate gamers and 179 diverted travelers. I’m still not even sure why the PSN was brought down; the whole purpose of the hack seems to have been lost, making it purely an inconvenience for gamers.

Last Updated: August 25, 2014

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