Halo 5 details leaked, showing big multiplayer changes

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Halo 5: Guardians isn’t out until next year. The Master Chief Collection helps that wait a bit, collecting the four main Halo games into one massive, remastered package. Aside from the stellar campaigns, Halo is renowned for its tight, addictive multiplayer, a formula that hasn’t really been dabbled with over the years. If this leaked footage is anything to go by, 343 Industries is changing that drastically.

Aiming down the sights seems to be a brand new feature in Halo 5: Guardians. This modern shooter feature has still never been incorporated into the franchise, aside from a handful of weapons that have a scope to aim down. You can check out the short six second, off screen footage here for a better look.

It’s not immediately clear whether the player is able to aim down the sights because of the weapon he/she is using, or whether this will now be a normal feature as it is in nearly every other shooter nowadays. Industry insider shinobi602 leaked even more information after the video hit, saying that 343 Industries is aiming for a more eSports centric multiplayer experience.

Asked around, things can change but, assault rifle got dat ADS too, “pretty much” all the weapons. They’re going for that eSports scene very hard.

He also revealed that despite 343’s previous statements, it now seems that Agent Locke is the main protagonist of Halo 5, with Master Chief only featuring here and there.

What made more more sad is that, while MC is still playable, Locke really is the primary character. Goddamnit.

I’m far more concerned with the fact that core gameplay is being changed here. What is the penalty for firing from the hip? Will movement be slowed as you take aim? Will Halo just be another first-person shooter now? 343 Industries was quick to comment on the leak, not denying the inclusion of ADS but also putting a few minds at ease. Executive Producer at developer 343 Industries Josh Holmes has this to say on Twitter.

So, it’s just a cosmetic change then? And if so, why is it there in the first place? I don’t fully understand why 343 would include a feature just for the sake of it, if it still means that most of Halo’s weapons will still be most effective from the hip.

Is this the evolutionary step forward that Halo needs, or is 343 sacrificing franchise legacy for a more eSports focused title? We’ll only really find out when the Halo 5 beta lands on December 29th, open to anyone who’s busy reliving Master Chief’s best years on Xbox One right now.

Last Updated: November 10, 2014

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