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Halo Anniversary edition to buy or not to buy

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A little while back I was invited into the bowels of Microsoft to get some hands on time with the re-mastered Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary edition, now available in 3D.

As is standard practice I received a shiny copy of the game as well but this time I’m actually not going to review it, not because it’s not a good game though but rather because it’s the same game I played a few years back.

If you didn’t know the original Halo Combat Evolved kicked the Xbox into being a real contender and was arguably the first real FPS title on consoles which started the new wave of console gamers.

It’s currently sitting atop of plenty Metacritic lists with a score of 97% and is simply one of the defining games of our generation.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is simply a HD remake of the original with a few added bonuses here and there. As far as FPS titles go in 2011 it’s not as polished or feature rich as the Battlefields or Call of Duty’s however it is still an incredible game and does a great job of showing how far ahead of it’s time it was when it was released way back when in 2001.

If you are one of the many newer gamers who never played the original Halo: Combat Evolved then this is a must have addition to your Christmas wish list but if you have played it then I’d only really recommend this to the real fans of the series who want a memento of one of the truly great games of our lives.

Oh and as to why I’m not reviewing it, it would unfortunately receive a lower score than it deserves simply because it’s a 10 year old game in beautiful makeup… no wait that sounds creepy.

No review..

PS: 3D made me feel ill, it looked awesome for a while so if that’s your thing then yes it works but 3D always makes me feel ill.

Last Updated: November 30, 2011

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