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Halo Infinite dev says that there are no plans to cancel the Xbox One version

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Halo from the other siiiiiiide

Halo will always be the biggest gun in Microsoft’s arsenal of first-party releases. The game that put Xbox on the map when it was first released, Halo still continues to be a sales juggernaut with every new release and a benchmark for what team green’s consoles are capable of when it comes to pure hardware grunt.

Next year’s incarnation of Master Chief Australia is taking a different approach when it releases. Not just a game, it’ll be a decade-long platform that will be built upon long after launch day has come and gone, but don’t call it a live service title! The catch here, is that Microsoft wants Halo to be on all the platforms that Xbox currently supports, a cross-gen release that can spread the gospel of the Xbox brand.

Not a bad idea, but when you’re developing a game that has to be both capable of pushing the envelope on visuals and somehow be downscaled enough to run on base Xbox On hardware as well, you’re going to be in for a challenge. Earlier rumours from this week suggested that developer 343 Industries may pass on a last-gen release altogether, focusing entirely on Xbox Series X so as to get the best possible experience for the game done without having to worry about matching that content on older consoles. Those rumours, are absolutely rubbish.

So sayeth Halo Infinite community manager John Junyszek, who set the record straight on Twitter and reassure fans that everything was still on track for a 2021 release:

And there you have it. Halo on the Xbox-supported console/PC of your choice. May the Forerunners help you when your launch day Xbox One and the dusty Kinect attached to it load the game up in all of its 900p glory.

Last Updated: August 26, 2020

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