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Halo Infinite will let you yeet stuff off the Zeta ring

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Halo Infinite will let you chuck stuff off of the edge of the Zeta Halo installation. That’s it, that’s the story, headline, and excerpt right there. My job is done, it’s easy, and I’m off to my yacht to enjoy my game journo millions while staring at my handsome face in the mirror. Oh what, you want more details? Fine.

In a very long and very detailed Ask 343 video that popped up on the weekend, developer 343 Industries covered a number of topics on Halo Infinite, ranging from day and night sequels to multiplayer, and much more. Seriously, it was a long-ass video. When asked about the possibility of yeeting crap off the edge of the installation, gameplay director Troy Mashburn confirmed that the game’s best feature after turning ol’ Craig into a meme, was indeed possible.

“In Halo Infinite, will we be able to knock things off the edge of Zeta Halo? Asking for a friend…,” came the question from a Twitter user. “The answer is yes,” responded gameplay director Troy Mashburn.

I can tell you just recently I was playing and I happened to be driving in a Scorpion tank. I came around the corner and I was face to face with a Wraith. Just out of pure luck, pure coincidence, I managed to push the Wraith over the edge and just watched it slowly tilt back and fall into the abyss, which was amazing, unexpected and it was just such a cool moment that happened just by luck..

This is revolutionary stuff. Previous Halo games set on ring worlds have stubbornly refused to allow you to eject objects and Covenant members into the cold dark vacuum of space, and while it won’t be easy to pull off in Halo Infinite according to Mashburn, it is doable. Never underestimate a community of fans who are no doubt already organising an in-game Olympic event dedicated just to seeing who can figure out escape velocity physics the best when Halo Infinite arrives.

For those of you unfamiliar with the ring worlds of Halo, the array of megastructures were created by an ancient race known as the Forerunners as a way to contain and study the Flood parasites. Last resort superweapons, firing off one of these arrays will kill all sentient life in the galaxy capable of falling prey to the Flood. Naturally massive to carry out a level of galactic genocide that would make Thanos proud, they also have their own wildlife and weather systems.

They’re pretty neat, especially now that they can be explored and used to yeet grunts into space. Game of the year material right here.

Last Updated: March 15, 2021

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