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Halo Wars: Kotaku Hands-On Preview

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Kotaku has posted up a great hands on preview for any of you who may be interested in what the game is looking like and what you can expect in terms of gameplay and controls.

I’m still not so sure about Halo Wars. Sure, the Halo franchise has made zillions of dollars and brainwashed a planet of gamers into believing that its the best videogame ever made, but I still don’t know if Halo Wars is going to make any sense.

Reason being that most Halo “1337 pwnzorz” spend all of their time owning noobs that are inferior to their awesomenessity (real word, i promise…[ed: I checked.. it isn’t]) in First Person Shooters like Halo and COD4. Most of them don’t really have the ability to think, or be strategic, bless them. Sure there are some exceptions, but still. I’m kind of wondering who is going to play this.

I really do think that it could turn into a really great game and the previews are sounding pretty good. I just hope that it’s something really great that works and plays well and not just a Halo fest for die hard fans.

preview: Kotaku

Last Updated: July 23, 2008

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