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Hands On: Red Dead Redemption – Still going strong?

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Red Dead Redemption

If you missed my first hands off impressions of Red Dead Redemption then you can find them here and here which you will need to know if you want to pick up the story of where we are in RDR.

This time around I was trusted enough to take control of Mr John Marston myself and guide him through 2 separate missions in the game, I’ll try go through both of those now and if I miss something that you want to know please feel free to leave a comment and I will answer anything I am allowed to.

Dead or Alive

You’ll remember that a big part of the story at the moment is that we are hunting a former associate, Bill Williamson, but in this episode we are trying to win over a local sheriff, Johnson, by helping him round up some local low level criminals.

You arrive at the villains location only to find him surrounded by his compadres and not so willing to give himself up and there begins the fun. I pull out my trusty six shooter and slide into the closest cover.

Red Dead Redemption cover

Cover System

The cover system is very intuitive, to head into cover you simply click LB and John will hide behind whatever he can at that time. If you are running at the time he will do an awesome Hollywood slide into the closest cover. To leave cover you simply need to point in the direction you want to go and tap LB again, for the smaller cover options this means that you can leap over whatever you are hiding behind or if you are on the side he will charge around it and begin running.

You can switch between two cover points if they are close enough and all the benefits of aiming from behind cover or pure blind fire is available as expected.

My experience of the cover system was good and I never found myself getting stuck or accidently being sucked into the wrong cover.


So back to the story, once in cover I begin targeting the numerous villains and taking them out. The 6 shooter worked perfectly for the close up enemies but as soon as they were a little further back it became ineffectual. So I pulled up the weapon selection screen which allows for up to 6 weapons to be carried at a single time.

I swap out my six shooter for a petrol bomb (Molotov cocktail) and target that behind the rocks a little way up the hill, the bomb explodes covering 2 guys in flames. They instantly jumped up screaming which game me the opportunity to swap to my 6 shooter again, leap over the cover and take them out.

Once behind cover again I swapped to my rifle and finished the rest of them off, the sheriff (who I had forgotten was helping me) then yelled that we need to take the lead criminal alive if possible and at the same time he emerged from the building just ahead.

I pulled the left trigger to lock onto his chest and then used the free target ability to drag the cursor down to his leg and took my shot.

The mission was paced very much in the style of the GTAIV gang shootout styled missions and was hugely enjoyable.

For a full description of the weapons and targeting system check out this handy Red Dead Redemption trailer.

Last Updated: January 28, 2010

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