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Has Hideo Kojima left Silent Hills?

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It’s incredible that after the storm Konami kicked up a few weeks ago, we still have no idea what happening to Hideo Kojima after the release of Metal Gear Solid V. The famed designer is set to work on Silent Hills, a sequel that has brought in the mind of filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro. But Kojima might have already had his involvement from the project signalled already, with a change to the game’s official website.

In a move all too similar to what happened over the Metal Gear website, Kojima Productions has been struck from any promotional work for Silent Hills. When questioned about the sudden disappearance, Konami was a little less vague than in the past, but it didn’t make their answer anymore unsettling.

“Konami has switched from a studio-based to a headquarters-based organization, so [Kojima Productions] wouldn’t be listed as a studio anymore. At this time, there are no additional updates to share.”

So Konami definitely wants the spotlight on them rather than the Hideo Kojima branded studio, but what does it say for the man’s actual involvement? Considering the numerous rumours detailing the fallout between the publisher and him, compounded with reports of his imminent departure, it’s not a stretch to consider Silent Hills continuing without the Metal Gear creator.

Does that mean Silent Hills is dead in the water though? I wouldn’t go that far just yet. The P.T demo was a massive success last year, and it would be downright idiotic of Konami to scrap the entire thing because of one crucial departure. The game will probably just be helmed by another top designer – whose name isn’t Kojima-san.

Whether that puts a damper on the entire game for you is another question entirely. But perk up, a lot can happen between now and September. How knows, maybe Kojima and Konami will settle their differences, and all will be right with the world again.

Last Updated: April 1, 2015

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