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Has Sony given up winning in this generation?

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A story did the rounds before the Sony press conference at E3 about whether or not Sony may have given up in this generation?

The original story was based on Sony not going for another price cut this year which has turned out to be partially incorrect. The 80GB PS3 is going to be selling for the same as the current 40GB but at the same time Sony has also said that the features of the 80GB will be the same as the 40GB.

Which leads us to believe that they will be releasing a new SKU as the 40GB doesn’t have the memory card reader or BC hardware that the 80GB has.

However the other base of that story was that Sony has publicly announced that they are going for profitability this year rather than quantity.

This along with their renewed PS2 marketing and renewed PSP push makes me feel that they are now going for a 3 pronged console approach to ensure profitability but at the expense of winning in it’s purest sense.

At the moment you could say that the PS2 is up against the Wii, the PS3 against the 360 and the PSP against the DS.

It’s losing quite badly on monthly sales on two of those platforms (PS2, DS) but is holding it’s own on the PS3 section. However with Microsoft announcing a fake price cut as well the PS3 may not hold it’s own for much longer.

Do you think that Sony is giving up on outselling it’s competitors and is trying to rather change the game?

Last Updated: July 17, 2008

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