Hatred is actually all about hugs and tickle attacks

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There’s been one hell of a brouhaha over Hatred. Some folks call it a proper murder simulator. Other people get violently ill at the idea of forcing a gun into the mouth of a digital lady and decorating the pavement with trendy grey matter. But you see, you’ve got it all wrong. Hatred isn’t that bad. It’s actually all about the value of life, and hugs and tickles and peace and love! Don’t believe me? See for yourself below what I’m talking about.

Well, at least the video from YouTube’s KhailAnonymous manages to remind us all that on the inside, we’re all made of confetti and candy. Especially when you use a shotgun to expose that goodness to the world. I’ve been following the controversy around Hatred, and honestly, the game doesn’t phase me.

Maybe I’m broken or maybe I’m pragmatic, but when I look at the game I don’t see people being butchered. I see pixels being rearranged. Yes, it is shocking content, but it does look like a fun game. Hell, if you can have Goat Simulator be a smash hit, then I want to play through an entire game dedicated to the “No Russian” idea of gameplay.

Again, maybe I’m just too desensitised to all this violence. After all, I grew up playing games such as The Punisher and Phantasmagoria, and that had way worse gory content in my mind. But I’d also happily play a modded version of Hatred that swaps chokeholds for tickle attacks.

Just sayin’.

Last Updated: October 21, 2014

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