Hatred, the game, will not be distributed by GOG

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GOG.com is the saviour of gaming, according to some – with its zero DRM distribution method and its fair international pricing mechanism so it came as a little bit of a surprise to hear this morning that they have refused to distribute the upcoming mass murder game,  Hatred.

Now Hatred has split the gaming community down the middle with some people saying it is going to far and doesn’t offer anything but a sort of sick violence porn, while others feel it is to be seen as art – and that censoring art and the idea that they are apparently debating isn’t okay.

I personally sit in the latter group and while I’m not sure the game really does offer anything of value I do feel that censoring anything because of your personal beliefs is wrong; Give the game an appropriate rating and then let society decide with their wallets.

I do not believe that video games have any correlation to criminal acts and numerous research studies have proven that to be the case. So if massacring innocent individuals in pixel form is what gives you your entertainment then who am I to judge? Many people feel the same and have gotten angry that GOG won’t be distributing this game, and again I’m against that idea as well.

GOG is a private company and if they feel this game isn’t a product they want to be associated with then they have the right to not stock it. They aren’t banning the game or refusing it to be released, they are just not participating in it.

A comment on Arstechnica puts it perfectly when he states

I don’t get all bent out of shape when Walmart gladly sells movies like “Fifty Shades of Grey” on Blu-ray, but refuses to sell XXX donkypr0n releases… so I have a hard time being concerned that GOG has decided not to sell a fringe title like “Hatred”.

There is a big difference between a controlling legal authority “banning” something and a retailer deciding not to “sell” something.

I’m looking forward to trying the game out when it is released, but more due to the fact that the visuals look pretty incredible and the idea is so shocking. It’s something I want to experience myself.

Last Updated: May 27, 2015

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