Heavenly Sword Developers Stolen From Sony

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When this generation began everyone was worried that the market just wouldn’t be able to sustain 3 consoles and that one of them would have to lose.

The longer this battle continues the more obvious it is becoming that the market can easily sustain 3 consoles however it can’t so easily sustain all these developers who only develop for a single platform.

With developers closing down all over the place and many of them voluntarily deciding to go multiplatform it seems that the old days of console exclusivity could be behind us.

The latest 2 developers to move multiplatform are Games Republic, the developers of Folklore, Genji and Dark Mist, and Ninja Theory, the guys behind the massively marketed but under delivering Heavenly Sword.

Both of these developers have signed agreements with uber publisher Namco Bandai to develop some multiplatform titles and I am sure if the sales go well then Namco will be falling over itself to expand the short publishing deals.

Sony fans shouldn’t be overly upset though, the games are still coming to the platform.

Source: gameplayer.com.au

Last Updated: August 24, 2009

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