Heavy Rain – Public Presentation

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The graphic impact of Heavy Rain is truly staggering but there is still a huge question mark over whether or not the gameplay will be good or even exist at all.

From what I have seen before the gameplay looks like it is made up entirely of quick time events and it looks like it’s more of an interactive story than a true game.

However Gamekyo has been at a press event and has given us a lot more information about the game itself, the game is sounding very immersive with every object in the game being interactive as well as the ability to use the SIXAXIS to do this interaction by opening windows or hitting objects.

You are also going to be able to ‘hear’ what is happening in the mind of your character and utilise a split screen feature to watch the murderer while trying to catch him/her.

So if anything this latest insight has made it sound a lot more like an interactive book, however that may be a good thing.

Source: Gamekyo

Last Updated: November 3, 2008

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