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As Zoe covered yesterday the two dominant eSports organisations in South Africa at the moment are Bravado and Energy who between them took all three of the top spots available at the Liberty LAN over the last weekend.

Not this kind of casting

Bravado ended up taking the big one of DOTA 2 (with the old Energy team) and Energy bouncing back and taking the Call of Duty and Counterstrike wins.

But something else happened over the weekend that caught my eye. nAv Gaming TV were at the event all weekend and were casting and uploading all the important games. They have a plan to become the “go to” people for eSports screening and casting in South Africa and while this isn’t new ground they are hoping to offer something better than anyone else.

So if you’re interested to see how Liberty went down minute by minute you can head over to their YouTube channel and take a look or if like me you don’t have the concentration span for all of that why not take a look at the interviews they did with the BvD and Energy CS:GO captains and a quick highlight reel of the final between these two dominant teams.

Energy Interview

Bravado Interview

CS:GO Highlights

So we know they are watching us so leave some comments below on what type of videos would you like to see and how you think they can improve?

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Last Updated: April 23, 2014

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Admiral Chief in Space

    I have not jammed CSGO, but it looks like he is quickloading/cocking the AWP?

    I hate gameplay hacks/exploits like that.

    The last CS I jammed competitively was 1.6


    • Daniel Snow

      High level gaming is all about exploiting animations and game mechanics, doing everything with in agreed reason to be the ebst

      • Admiral Chief in Space

        Ah, but who defines “within agreed reason”?

        • Jedi JJ

          The reasonable?

          • Admiral Chief in Space

            Hah, oh you

        • Daniel Snow

          Agreed reason was badly worded on my part.

          Its pushing the game but not using exploits. Like exploiting a map a glitch and jumping out of it, its cheating. but quick reloaded and cocking of guns by cutting animations short(Cod at least), its acceptable

          • Admiral Chief in Space

            Unfair advantage to those uninformed?
            I stand by my statement, it should be fixed

          • Daniel Snow

            People that arent informed are not going to be playing at this level.

      • DiceAir

        I agree with you there. Why must there always be people that’s to competitive. Same with BF4 people try to exploit the game to give them the advantage.

      • Robert Hart

        I dont know why you think that its “all about exploiting animations”. It really just shows how little you know.

        High level gaming (eSport) is all about practice.

    • Jedi JJ

      It’s great fun. Played some the weekend. Sucked at it. But liked it regardless.

      • Mossel

        Dude we should jam together! I also suck. Then we can suck together. (wait, what?!)

        • Admiral Chief in Space


        • Jedi JJ

          We can compete at sucking. (that doesn’t make it any better, does it?)

    • Johan du Preez

      Yeh I stopped playing CS in 2001. I had a go a few weeks ago you have every second idiot running with Aug + eagle combo. Nothing changed from 2001 to 2014 in the CS landscape by the looks of things.

      • BurningRed

        To be honest many things have changed, but you would have to find out by jamming some pub games to see for yourself 🙂

    • NiveouS

      This is NOT an exploit and most definitely is NOT a hack, there really aren’t any exploits in CSGO. The advantages gained from quickswitching are minor and mostly situational. Most experienced players still do this in CSGO mostly from habit.

      The past CS games did allow you to shoot faster if you did quickswitch. This is no longer the case. The advantage gained is that you unscope faster and switch to another weapon, which allows you to also move faster compared to an awp.

      This is just a good use of game mechanics.

      • Admiral Chief in Space

        Like I said, have not jammed CSGO, but thanks for the info

        • NiveouS

          No problem – just wanted to clear things up, since there has been a good few responses. 🙂

          This was the third LAN event for CSGO and probably one of the most competitive events, just don’t want people thinking the game is all about exploiting, if people read the comments. If anything CSGO is one of the most polished and balanced FPS games on the market.

  • Matewis Jubilai

    I must be getting desperate : All I saw in the title was ‘Av’ and thought GTAV !! Seriously though, when is that coming to pc?? Actually its all good and well for the moment : want to buy me a 27” first …

    • Jedi JJ

      I’m also still waiting for GTA V on pc and don’t want to buy it for my PS3.

    • Mark Treloar

      Rockstar was hiring someone who could add in-game camera editing, like what GTA IV for PC had so maybe its for GTA V. Either for PC or for the new consoles if they support it.

  • Wincethis

    More boobs in the interviews?

  • BurningRed

    So to give you all the great news is that nAvTV’s caster RidditZ has been given the license to cast the Dreamhack DOTA 2 Invitational this weekend in Afrikaans! He has also been invited to the JoinDOTA team to cast all big matches in Afrikaans from now onwards. His stream will be on http://twitch.tv/navgamingtv

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