Here are your times for the main E3 conferences

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The most exciting week of the gaming year is nearly upon us and the schedules for the main conferences have now been officially released.

The festivities start off with Microsoft and end with the depressing digital event that Nintendo will be showing off.

Microsoft – 18:30

Microsoft starts off on the 9th of June at 6:30pm locally, or 9:30am PT. We’re being told by our local Microsoft contacts that this year is going to be a massive conference for gamers with more focus on gaming and less focus on NFL and the like.

The big rumours at the moment are whether or not we’ll see a price cut or a cheaper Xbox One model released.

EA Games – 22:00

EA is next with their conference kicking off at 10pm locally or 12pm PT. It won’t be a surprise to hear about Battlefront, Battlefield 5, Mass Effect 4, Mirrors Edge 2, FIFA 15 and some more Titanfall content.

But all eyes are going to be on Star Wars Battefront to see if EA can really get something so special right.

Ubisoft – 1:00

For the real late owls the Ubisoft conference starts at 1am locally, on the 10th, or 3pm PT.

Ubisoft have some massive games this year with The Division expected to be a serious contender for game of the year but don’t be surprised to see the next version of Assassin’s Creed and a brand new Prince of Persia.

As usual we can expect to see a brand new IP showcased at the end along with another ass wiggling Just Dance.

Sony – 3:00

One of the most anticipated events this year is the Sony event which goes live at 3am locally or 6pm PT.

Sony are expected to showcase a ton of brand new games, IP and features to help consolidate their lead in this generation. Oh, and that VR stuff.

With sales going like gangbusters I wouldn’t expect any price cuts or new SDK’s announced but I do expect some bundle specials as well as a huge showing of Activision’s Destiny which is leading on the PlayStation 4.

Nintendo – 18:00 (June 10th)

In what is a perfect example of how far Nintendo has fallen in the eyes of gamers the Nintendo conference will be held the next day at 6pm locally, 9am PT, but it will be a purely digital showcase.

Last year’s was mind-numbingly terrible and I expect the same from this one to be honest.

I don’t expect any great new announcements to be made else they would be doing it in front of the world’s leading journalists.

We will be there

And yes of course we will be at each and every conference live tweeting and prepping the big conference articles for the morning. If you want to chat to us while we are there make sure you send your tweets to @Lazygamernet

So whose conference are you most looking forward to?

Last Updated: May 12, 2014

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