Here, have some new Infamous: Second Son screens!

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There’s one game that PlayStation 4 owners are waiting patiently for now – the next in the way of big exclusives for their new systems. Yes, Infamous: Second Son. It’s coming to your PS4 towards the end of March, and is one of the first new games that really looks “next-gen.”

One of the things that’s so impressive about the game is the lavishly detailed environments, which show a typically soggy Seattle. Here are some new screens showing off the rainy city.


infamous: Second Son tells the story of the snotty, bad-attitude graffiti-artist Delsin Rowe and his tempestuous relationship with his brother as he comes to terms with his flashy new powers in a city controlled by the conduit-hating Department of Unified Protection.

It’s set seven years after the end of Infamous 2, and Cole’s actions in that game were believed to have destroyed all conduits – but that’s obviously not the case. Instead of the electric powers you saw in the first games, our new protagonist is instead blessed with a multitude of powers, including ethereal smoke and electric neon. Delsin’s able to absorb powers, so we’ll probably  see a few more abilities soon. The game also has a grunge-heavy, angsty soundtrack, which sounds perfect to me.

It’s got a worldwide release date of March 1, and is the first exclusive AAA title since the PlayStation 4’s release. It’ll be going up against Titanfall on the Xbox One, which launches a week earlier. As a gamer who loves to get lost in engaging single player universes, who isn’t a big fan of shooters I know which one I’m looking forward to playing most.

Last Updated: February 5, 2014

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