Here’s a new Dead Space 2 trailer – it looks hectic

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Hooray! Dead Space 2 is nearly here. Boo! I still haven’t finished the first one. I’m not sure why really. Perhaps it’s because the game scares the hell out of me, or maybe it’s just another victim of my ever-increasing backlog?

Anyway, here’s the latest trailer for Visceral’s sequel to one of the best new IPs to come out of this generation of consoles. It looks like this one is going to be non-stop, back-end-of pants-exploding terror and gore. It definitely looks like the action has been ramped up considerably as well, but not at the expense of the horror we are being re-assured by developers and early reviews. Check it out and let us know more or less how many times you expect to change your underpants during a play-through.

According to Dead Space 2 hits South Africa on 27 January. It’s an EA release, which makes it slightly cheaper than most other games so there’s no excuse not to pick it up; I have a feeling most people don’t need coercing though.

Last Updated: January 13, 2011

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