Here’s a Paper Mario 3DS trailer

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It’s freshly filmed from this previous weekend’s Nintendo World event in Japan and it looks as if it’s been done with some bloke’s cell phone camera. While the quality of the video isn’t stellar, the game looks delightful! Pity it isn’t in the launch tile line-up, but then again that line-up is for the Japanese launch so perhaps we’ll get this title when the 3DS hits our side of the planet.

There’s loads of gameplay to be seen, and it looks quite similar to previous Paper Mario games. You can, however, tell more or less how the 3D is going to be implemented as at certain points in the video you can see loads of objects (like parachuting Bob-ombs) falling in front of the viewable play area. It all looks very charming and this is most definitely the 3DS game I’m most excited about so far. Full video after the jump.

Last Updated: January 10, 2011

Miklós Szecsei

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