Here's A Shocker: Modern Warfare 3 Coming November 2011

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The LA Times have reported that Activision has put together a collaborative effort by Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software and (what’s left of) Infinity Ward to deliver Modern Warfare 3 by the end of this year.

Now… at this point, posting news about a new Call of Duty game being announced is like posting news that the sun will probably come up tomorrow. No official announcement has been made just yet but you can be sure that we will start hearing more about it sometime after Activision performs daylight robbery with their new Black Ops map pack.

Would it be wrong of me at this point to request that we actually get a new game engine, considering that the current one is already 4 games old. Or on the other hand they could always just release a game that’s 90% similar with minor tweaks and then proceed to overcharge for even more map packs just like they did with the last three.

Let’s hope that the new companies bring something new to the table this time around.

Source: LA Times via IGN

Last Updated: January 21, 2011

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  • Another Call of Duty… I didn’t see that coming πŸ˜›

    • NiteFenix

      Yeah me neither. Wonderful news

  • WeRRieS ZA

    Guess what…if they remake COD4, add some new weapons, maps, achievements etc. it will still blow away all the other COD games!!!

  • NiteFenix

    Or maybe even a complete series reboot. Imagine COD1 in HD?

    • Call of Duty 1 is available in HD as a downloadable title. It’s called Call of duty Classic, and is available on XBLA and PSN. It was included as a free download for those who purchased the prestige and hardened editions of Modern Warfare 2.

      • NiteFenix

        Just goes to show how out of the loop I am. I actually meant a complete redesign of the first game Geoff, new engine, rehashed story, etc.

      • WeRRieS ZA

        It was region locked, not sure if it’s now available with Xbox LIVE ZA…plus you can’t run in the game…something to get used to!!!

  • And the hamster wheel turns (the cycle continues)… I see a familiar pattern emerging. Initially the COD games are universally celebrated when they launch, as gamers go crazy to buy practically the same thing every year, and then a few months later, they bitch and moan about how “broken” the online game is, or how absolutely terrible it is (regardless, of spending millions on a few maps of dlc). In fact, many vow never to buy another COD game again…

    Yet, like clockwork, they’ll support COD MW3 in droves. Activision will be swimming in cash in November, gamers and critics shall initially praise the game, and then a few months later they’ll hate it. Rinse and repeat!

    Those with any common sense, will be playing Killzone 3, bad company 2/3 or any of the other truly amazing games of 2011. The rest will be trapped in the COD cycle. I for one, will be getting off the bus. COD Blops is a mess on PS3 with no real ETA on any meaningful fixes, and I have no real desire to play a reskin in November on either console.

  • Raven, sledgehammer AND IW’s ravaged corpse? Is this not a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth?

    • I’m kind of hoping the COD bubble will collapse just as quickly and painfully as the Guitar Hero one. Activision has far too many eggs in one basket, and some scrambling might do them good in the long run (just look at what a bit of trouble did for EA creatively… although EA is inching closer to needing to taste the big stick again)

  • Dark

    I loved Blops great sp campaign and still loving the multi on PC of course. Looking forward to this one too. Blops has been good bang for buck.

    • The single player (albeit short) was pretty intense, definitely a highlight of 2010, but the multiplayer has been weaksauce (and that’s ultimately what sells COD games, the MP).

  • CoD Blobs was fun but Treyarch are definitely the CoD B team.

    I personally think CoD will start going the way of the Tony Hawk (insert dodo with the birdmans face here). That franchise will be milked dry.

  • WeRRieS ZA

    COD BOPS has an awesome SP, but just suck in MP due to screwed up hosting for consoles!!! COD4 you live forever!!!

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