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Here’s why Overwatch is worth buying

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Nearly 10 million people played the Overwatch beta, and from what I can gather, many liked what they saw. I think the general consensus is that Blizzard are onto something, and that they have put together one hell of a polished and addictive shooter.

A huge concern for many though, is the asking price of this new IP. Some gamers have already happily coughed up the cash and pre-ordered the game, but others, a lot it seems, are holding back and questioning whether it really is worth the money. And I get that.

I get the concerns, I really do. I mean, a multiplayer shooter, asking full price? What’s the big idea? Well, I’ve thought about it quite a lot, and have decided that Overwatch is worth the money. Here’s why…

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21 Unique Characters

There’s no denying that the cast of Overwatch is nice and varied. A gorilla scientist? Check! A professional StarCraft II gamer riding around in a mech? Check! A Brazillian DJ? Check!

Beyond actual appearances, each character has access to their own set of unique abilities. They all play differently, and have distinct roles. Perfecting each and learning their little nuances is part of the enjoyment of the game, and with 21 available at launch, you can bet you’re going to be kept busy for a good long time.

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12 Maps, 4 Game Modes

Admittedly, Overwatch does little in the way of providing brand new, unique modes. What it has are tried and tested formulas that have worked in previous games for years.

You know what they say though, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! All the modes – assault, escort, hybrid, and control – are fun to play, and they’re playable across 12 awesome maps (3 per mode).


Magical Netcode

Apart from price, the biggest concern gamers have about Overwatch relates to lag. Unfortunately, there are no South African servers for us to play on. This means that whether we like it or not, we are stuck with a 200-250 ping.

For a long time now, I’ve been raving about how Heroes of the Storm, despite me sitting on a European server, plays with what feels like no lag ever. Could that magic transition into a shooter though? Apparently so. Blizzard somehow, have made our higher ping almost  non-existent.

Don’t get me wrong, your European opponents will always have a very slight upper hand in terms of timing, but there is zero rubber banding so to speak. That, and your bullet will actually hit whatever target you’re aiming at. Believe me, I’ve nailed many headshots with Widowmaker, and they were all planned, and not the result of some predicted shooting.


Free Content Post-Launch

At launch, Overwatch will come packed with a plethora of content. That’s just the beginning though.

Moving forward, Blizzard will bring new characters into the fray, and more than likely add new game modes and maps into the mix it. Know what’s the best part? None of it will cost a cent. That’s right, all post-launch content will be completely free!

This for me, is a big selling point. In the past, I’ve been part of gaming communities that are split thanks to DLC. Thankfully, Overwatch will have none of that tomfoolery. The entire player base will have access to all the same content, always.


More Media In Future

Despite being an online shooter, Blizzard are pouring a ton of resources into bringing the Overwatch story to life. At time of writing, there are already 4 digital comics, and 3 animated shorts. There’s still more to come, including a graphic novel.

This is all before the game is even out. Can you imagine what Blizzard can do with this world once they see the support the game has? I don’t know about you, but I could do with more animated shorts in my life!


Look, these are just my thoughts on the matter. Overwatch isn’t exactly cheap, but I do definitely think that it is worth the asking price.

Does it need a single player campaign? Honestly, I would be chuffed if it did ship with one, but I’m not sad that it isn’t. Why? Because I feel that there is a lot of content shipping with the game regardless. That, and I know some people who in the beta alone sunk in more than 8-10 hours in that one weekend. I know length shouldn’t determine value (right Al?), but in the case of Overwatch, I don’t think it hurts to know that it has the potential to keep gamers busy for a good long time.

Last Updated: May 20, 2016

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