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Here’s where to find Fallout 4’s best Power Armour

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In previous Fallout titles getting power armour was a big thing. You first had to be trained to wear it, and then suffer through carrying the extremely heavy suit around with you to survive hordes of super mutants. That’s a far cry from the modular system Fallout 4 has, which gifts you with a suit of armour within the opening moments of the game. Armour that might as well be teddy bear stuffing compared to the X-01 Suit.

If you’re a long-time fan of the franchise, the X-01 will definitely look familiar. The suit is identical to the one on the cover for Fallout 2, and is usually representative of ties to the Enclave faction featured in most core titles. What makes the suit so damn strong though is just how much damage it can take before needing repairs. No longer will a suicidal mini-nuke carrying mutant be a problem. In fact he might not make a dent great enough for a repair.

The X-01 also has glowing eyes, so there’s that too I guess.

You can find a full completed set of the armour in an unmarked building, but you’re going to have to be above level 25 or so. The armour in the building is a dice roll, so it seems the higher levels give a much greater chance of rolling the X-01. Either way, a save beforehand wouldn’t hurt. I’m nowhere near that level yet, so here’s a quick guide from Kotaku to help you out.

If you’re adverse to moving images (but still manage to play Fallout), here’s a step-by-step on how to grab the suit. First you’re going to want to open your map and look for a town called Custom House Tower. Once there, you’re going to want to travel west until you see a green/turquoise building, with a sign reading 35 Court on it. It isn’t marked, but you can enter the building.

Once inside rid the lobby of any raiders and take the elevator all the way up. There you’ll find three doors – with the middles one containing the armour you seek. After a few seconds the two side door will open, and an Assaultron and Sentry Bot will come racing out to try and turn you into a pile of bloody goo. Off the two robots and head back into their holding room, which each have a button. Hit both and the middle door will open, gifting you with the X-01 suit and the most powerful, er, Power Armour in the game.


That’s all there is to it. Now you’re just left with the tough decision of what to paint the suit before you head out into the Commonwealth and start taking damage like a pro.

Last Updated: November 23, 2015

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