Here’s why the Playstation 4 looks so sexy

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An original photo of myself at the PS4 event

You know what the most overlooked aspect is of console design? Longevity. Few console features looks that will last a decade or two. I mean hell, just look at Atari? Wooden panels? Yeah, that’ll go nicely with the drapes. The Playstation 4 on the other hand, is a sexy beast of a console. And that’s all because Sony didn’t want to embarrass you.

Speaking to Kotaku last week, Sony’s VP of PlayStation hardware marketing John Koller said that the PS4 "was designed to be an impact product in an entertainment centre.”

We wanted the design to be something sleek, something people feel proud about including.

Sony put a lot of research into the console it seems, before they decided to AC/DC things up and stay back in black. Because that’s what people want. "We think it’s best, actually," Koller said.

The research we’ve done show most people appreciate that. For those who appreciate colours, we do offer them for other platforms. Nothing to announce here or plans for PS4.

As with previous Playstation consoles, the machine can stand either upright with a stand, or lie flat on its side, while the blue strip that runs through it lights up when turned on.

I saw the console at E3 last week, up close. Which is most likely why a massive American security guard started to practice some judo rolls on top of my spine. But it was worth it, because the damn thing is truly a sexy piece of tech.

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Last Updated: June 18, 2013

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