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Here’s your fight itinerary for Street Fighter V’s next beta

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STREET FIGHTER V BRO! It’s no secret that we’re slightly nuts for that particular fighting game over here in the office, to the point where Geoff and I have started wearing Ryu and Ken karate suits. And then Gavin yelled at us for unleashing Hadoukens in the office.

Which may have been the two of us strapping cans of Axe deodorant and Zippo lighters to our arms. Anyway, setting the mailman on fire wasn’t intentional, and I’m pleading self-defense over here.

Street Fighter V has already had one beta, that may have worked for you once all the planets in our solar systems had properly aligned and harmonic convergence had begun. To make up for that tight-fisted access, Capcom is having another beta, this one to stress-test cross-platform play between the PS4 and PC crowds.

And this one actually has a schedule. Capcom Unity outlined what players can expect in the next beta. This time, the playable characters for the event will include Ken, Necalli, Vega, R. Mika, Rashid and Karin. Here’s when the fists will fly:

Beta 2 schedule (subject to change):

  • 10/21/15 18:00 PST (10/22 02:00 BST/10:00 JST) – The second SFV beta begins for PS4 users. Characters available: Ken, Necalli, Vega, R. Mika
  • 10/22/15 14:00 PST (22:00 BST/ 10/23 06:00 JST) – Servers down for scheduled maintenance for 12 hours.
  • 10/23/15 02:00 PST (10:00 BST/18:00 JST) – Servers back online. Rashid unlocked.
  • 10/23/15 09:00 PST (17:00 BST/ 10/24 01:00 JST) – The second SFV beta begins for both PC and PS4 users (cross-platform play).
  • 10/23/15 17:00 PST (10/24 01:00 BST/09:00 JST) – Karin unlocked.
  • 10/24/15 04:00 PST (12:00 BST/20:00 JST) – Servers down for scheduled maintenance for 10 hours.
  • 10/24/15 14:00 PST (22:00 BST/ 10/25 06:00 JST) – Servers back online.
  • 10/25/15 16:00 PST (10/26 0:00 BST/ 08:00 JST) – Beta 2 concludes.

This is the beta that I have my eye on, just so that I can take the new blood of Street Fighter V out for a spin. So far, I’ve been firmly in the Nash camp as his QCF moves have suited my OCD tendencies to bust a Flash-kick during every match. But that Rashid fella is looking mighty tempting as a Street Fighter V main, as is Ken Masters.

If you find me online, then prepare yourselves for my patented face to fist techniques.

Last Updated: October 20, 2015

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