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Here’s your first look at the campaign DLC for DOOM Eternal

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Rip, tear and take part in an ugly soundtrack brouhaha until it is done! By the time the end credits rolled in DOOM Eternal, you may have been reaching for a pre-lockown cigarette so that you could bask in the afterglow of an orgasmic gaming experience that climaxed with a bloody and brutal boss fight against a demonic kaiju that could give Godzilla a run for its money. With an ocean of blood spilled, a road littered with shattered demon carcasses and more empty shotgun shells left on the side of road than there are grains of sand on a beach, your work was almost done by that point.

Back in June 2019, Id Software confirmed that campaign DLC would arrive after launch, and the weekend saw a reminder for that extra shotgun-powered chaos tweeted out. Id revealed an early look at the content, via the ol’ EA E3 method for showcasing games that people really want to see more of: Through concept art.

The art itself appears to be focused on the Maykr homeworld of Urdak, which was a zone of the highest jumps and a certain platform section that might have had me screaming at my TV when I failed a certain section several times in the row. The second screen has a more Earthly feel to it, and I’d bet that after the fall of humanity it fell to the Resistance to find a safe zone from which to establish a new base of operations against the hellish invasion.

Doom Eternal DLC (1)
Doom Eternal DLC (2)

Beyond that, a big update is in the works for DOOM Eternal, which Id Software says will add a “host of optimisations, some new event content, bug fixes, and Empowered Demons” to the mix. According to Id, whenever a player is killed by a demon in the single-player campaign, that demon responsible will be sent to another player’s game with an extra boost in power to harass other Doomslayers. Kill the bastard, reap some health, ammunition and XP in the process.

Battlemode will also see some improvements, with Denuvo Anticheat features, a tweaked tutorial, a death report screen and Echelon Leveling for players who have maxed out their character level. A selection of free new playable demons and maps will arrive “later on down the line.”

Last Updated: May 11, 2020

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