Hilarious alternative ending of the Last of Us

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I loved The Last of Us. I thought it was a brilliant game. However, the ending has caused a lot of controversy. If you haven’t finished the game, or don’t like spoilers, don’t read this article. Otherwise, check out this hilarious alternative.

The ending to The Last of Us was emotional and well acted – a great conclusion to an impressive game. But they played with a lot of different versions, many different takes. This one has to be the best!

For those who can’t/won’t watch the video, the director essentially punk’d the main actor, leading to a completely improvised, musical theater version of the ending. It’s hilarious to see them go all Le Mis on The Last of Us – I particularly like when the lead actor starts riffing on a backing track. Just shows how committed to the roles they were.

New DLC info should be released soon. I’m curious to see what they add to the game; it already felt so complete. Perhaps a new campaign where you play as the secondary characters encountered along the way? I certainly wouldn’t mind that. It could be nice to get back into that world, if they add something new.

Last Updated: September 27, 2013

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