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Hitman 3 Dubai speedrun record is only 9 seconds

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The joy of Hitman is in the execution. I’m not talking in a literal sense (although it is satisfying to assassinate some one-percenter who has it coming) but rather in way that relates to carrying through with and completing a devilishly complicated plan. The series has always rewarded players for taking their time throughout levels, taking in every opportunity and eventually settling on the killing method.

Not every player is patient in that way and would prefer to complete levels as fast as possible. In the case of Hitman 3’s Dubai level, that means taking out both targets in a mere nine seconds. Speedrunners are a rare and wonderful breed.

The weird part about the run is how simple it looks. The players who hold the record, Wreak on 22 January and Der_Lauch_Linus on the 23rd, simply run forward, fire their supressed pistols into nothing to trigger some kind of response from the targets and then merely aim up and around to shoot both. I’m underselling  it hard, the level of precision required to pull it off is monumental but it’s not a strategy that requires a great deal of set up or in-depth knowledge of the game. Just good old fashioned practice will get you where you need to be.


Both times were verified on Speedrun.com so now it’s just a matter of time until someone figures out how to beat these records in less than nine seconds. If you’re interested in the actual videos captured by both runners, you can find Wreak’s run here while Der_Lauch_Linus’s is here. Hitman Silent Assassin speedruns are also generally very satisfying to watch so be sure to keep an eye on the game over the next few weeks if this is something that tickles you in just the right way.

Last Updated: January 25, 2021


  1. CrAiGiSh

    January 26, 2021 at 08:49

    I see the game can be finished in roughly 6 hours.

    In 2021, this should be a crime on its own …


    • Rusty254

      January 28, 2021 at 02:40

      Depending on how you play it yeah, but a big thing in the new Hitman series is replay value, trying to plan everything out and trying different things on the levels you’ve already finished. You could easily spend 6 hours on one mission if you feel like exploring everything it has to offer.

      I remember on the Sapienza mission of one of the previous games I spent a day on it just experimenting, unlocking new starting positions trying elaborate setups and just having a great time with it.

      If you really enjoy the gameplay, this game has a lot more than 6 hours to offer.


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