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The Hitman Absolution Guide – Part One

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The King of Chinatown

Looks like that stool pigeon, Birdie, wants you to get your hands dirty for him. And fortunately, not with the guano that he happens to be drenched in. In Chinatown you will find your mark, and there’s a couple of ways that you can take him out. Here’s how;

Method 1

As you walk into the square, you’ll spot a guard in an alley to the left.

Get past him, and you’ll find an office that has a sniper rifle inside.

You can use that to eliminate the target, and get bonus points when you take him and his drug dealer pal out with one shot.

Method 2

In the same alley that is guarded by the cop, you can find some remote explosives on the section with stairs.

You can then place a bomb on the car of the King, wait for him to walk to it, or hit the alarm on it to summon him quicker.

And as soon as he reaches his car, BOOOOM! Easy peasy.

Method 3

As the King walks around Chinatown, he will stop at a vendor to get some grub, which is usually near an empty elevator shaft.

Push him in, and you’ll have “shafted” him. YEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

Method 4

The King of Chinatown digs his Japanese cuisine, and stops often to get a bite of sashimi to eat near the construction site.

Disguise yourself as his drug dealer, who is located in an office near the pagoda.

Sabotage the fuse box, to sneak past the guard to the drug dealer.

Walk on over to one of the vendors, and grab the Fugu fish.

You can use the Fugu fish to poison his drink on the pagoda, and grab some evidence.

Or you can poison his drugs instead.

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