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The Hitman Absolution Guide – Part One

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Terminus Hotel

Next up, you’ve got to get yourself into the Terminus hotel, which is crawling with goons and thugs, doing…stuff. Much like any late eighties romantic comedy, gaining entry into the hotel has three possible points to do so. Let’s take a look

From the left



Towards the door on that side, is a ladder with which you can gain entrance to passages beneath the hotel. A guard patrols this section, so be aware, or take him out and grab his clothes.


From that point, you can work your way to the elevator in the underground, and call it down. Stand behind it, to avoid eye contact and having your disguise blown. Take the elevator, and you’ll get to the seventh floor.

From the front


Behind the front desk is some evidence. Grab it for points.


In the bathroom in the lobby, is a vent that can give you access to the rear entry, if you can sneak into it.

From the right



Two guards watch the landscape around them, keeping an eye out for any possible intrusion with their Legolas vision. Then they get bored, and drift off. From that point, you can sneak past them.

Upper Floor

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